Mass Effect 3 can't import from Xbox 360 cloud storage but can import from Steam

by: John -
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For Xbox 360 folks, if you have your Mass Effect 2 saves on the cloud storage that Microsoft provides, get them off and onto your local hard drive before you try to import your saved game in to Mass Effect 3. EA has some solutions for those that do have it there now on how to ensure that you can import what you've done into the latest BioWare RPG. While cloud storage is a great option, here's an up front warning to get those old saved games to your machine if you want to not lose what you've done.

Now for folks like me who played the game via Steam, you're in luck. I thought I was going to have to wait until there was a version of Steam to continue my game, but the save location for Mass Effect 2 isn't Steam specific. Therefore, you'll be able to import your progress if you did play on Steam since the game's only available through Origin on the PC.

So, that cares of that. I guess I'll be picking up a PC copy of the game now sooner than later. Remember. 360 cloud save bad! PC Steam save good!

Now if only I can find my saved game files since I redid my computer the last time I played Mass Effect 2.......

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