Mass Effect 3 "big new feature" revealed

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And yes, it is online multiplayer.  I (and many other outlets) reported a week ago that an online pass looked likely for Mass Effect 3 based on scans of a South African publication that hit the web last week, and now it's come to pass.  Details are slim at the moment, but thanks to another magazine scan (via Ign) that you can see below, it appears to be co-op.  What else could "fight alongside your friends" mean?  The full reveal is set to hit news stands in magazine form in the near future.  

So, it's happened.  Mass Effect 3 certainly doesn't need online co-op and I'm sure it only exists so EA can us it as a bullet point on the back of the box.  However, as long as it's not undercooked, obviously tacked-on for marketing purposes, and detrimental to the single-player campaign, I see no harm in it.  But who am I kidding?  It will almost certainly be all of those things.

Mass Effect 3 is out on 3.6.12

[source: oxmonline]   

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