Mass Effect 3 WiiU details

by: Nathaniel -
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A Nintendo platform will see its first Mass Effect action when the WiiU edition of Mass Effect 3 is released alongside the console itself on November 18th.  

That's a pretty big deal, I guess, and arguably bigger than when the PS3 got its own version of Mass Effect 2.  When that was announced people wanted to know how it was going to deal with the fact the the original Mass Effect wasn't released on the PS3 so many people would never get to make the story-shaping choices in that game.  No doubt many people are wondering the same thing about the WiiU version of Mass Effect 3 since that system is missing two games.  That's like twice as many story-shaping choices the player will never be able to make.

Except they will.  The WiiU is using the same solution the PS3 used: a motion comic.  In this particular case, the motion comic will cover the first two games instead of just one.  

Now Xbox 360 gamers that have all three games on their console will no doubt be expecting that expanded motion comic to be released as DLC.  I won't speculate on whether or not that's going to happen.

The WiiU version of Mass Effect 3 will also come with a ton of DLC.  It will include the singleplayer DLC packs From Ashes and the Extended Cut.  The Rebellion, Resurgence, and Earth multiplayer DLC packs and a bonus heavy weapon round out what you can expect to be found on the WiiU Mass Effect 3 disc. 

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