Madden NFL 11 screens for AFL North and South

by: Chad -
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Last week I posted the first batch of team specific screens for Madden NFL 11.  Every week this month we'll get another grouping based on the NFL divisions.  Last week it was AFL East and West.  This week it's AFL North and South.  This includes the following teams together with their Madden ratings:

AFC North Team Ratings
  • Baltimore Ravens – 90 (3rd overall)
  • Cincinnati Bengals – 86 (T-8th overall)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers – 84 (11th overall)
  • Cleveland Browns – 70 (28th overall)

AFC South Team Ratings
  • Indianapolis Colts – 91 (2nd overall)
  • Houston Texans – 78 (18th overall)
  • Tennessee Titans – 77 (T-20th overall)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars – 74 (25th overall)

Look forward to NFC East and NFC West next week!

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