Madden 2011 Wii details

by: Jeremy -
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A slew of details regarding EA Sports Tiburon’s Madden 2011 for the Nintendo Wii have been released. The 2011 edition of the Nintendo Wii game has once again been developed with a slightly different style than the main, HD ports of the series. The updated Wii version will boast the following additions with this year’s release:
  • all new franchise mode that is being compared to SimCity (players will utilize the Wiimote to navigate a virtual city that contains their team’s front office, stadium(s), training facilities, etc.)
  • make changes to your team’s depth chart(s), scout and sign free agents, manage the franchise’s finances, and schedule practices for your team
  • players will be coached by 3 AI advisors: athletic director, business manager, and a fan
  • improved in-game AI
  • snow and rain weather elements
  • real time wear-and-tear on the jerseys throughout the course of a game
You can check out some screenshots of the new franchise mode at Nintendo World Report.
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