Madden 12 release pushed back several weeks

by: Dan -
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The folks over at SportsBusniess Journal added on a small blurb to a story about record week one sales for the latest Tiger Woods game that the news that Madden NFL 12 release will be pushed back a few weeks. The game will now be released on August 30th (instead of the traditional 2nd Tuesday of August) which will be closer to the start of the season, if there is a season.  The move may be due to the ongoing labor issue and giving the company time to make roster updates, or as the SBJ suggests, to give them more room between NCAA and Madden release dates. Regardless, there will be a new Madden, whether there is an NFL season or not.

It was not mentioned if this was a permanent move or not, but if the desired results are seen by EA, then don't be surprised if your Madden fix will always come a bit later than you are used to.
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