Madden 09 Achievements unearthed

by: Chuck -
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The fine folks at 360Sync have managed to dig up the achievements for Madden 09.  It's fairly standard stuff (haven't we already had the score two TD's in one game achievement before) but you do have to like the new team specific ones this year (such as the one that requires you to score six rushing touchdowns with the Miami Dolphins or the one where you have to score seven passing touchdowns with the Falcons).  That's pretty brutal and should be a tough challenge for even the most hardcore Madden player.

Here are a few they missed:
 - Complete a season without a Bengals player being arrested
 - Play three games as the Browns and not think about bringing in Brady Quinn
 - Complete three games without having Peyton Manning to a TV advertisement

Anything we missed?  Leave your suggestions for Madden 2010 in the comments.
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