Mad Catz wants you to build the controller of your dreams

by: Jeremy -
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When Mad Catz and MLG teamed up to announce the MLG Pro Circuit Controller, they promised gamers and unprecedented amount of customization options would soon follow. That time has come as Mad Catz has revealed a wide variety of custom parts for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 models of the controller.

The accessory line was made available for the first time at the MLG Pro Circuit Winter Championships which were recently held in Columbus, Ohio. The available options included:
  • FacePlate Kits- alters visual appearance of the controller
  • ProCables- available in various links and colors
  • FightPad Pro Module- features a floating d-pad for enhanced performance in fighting games
  • Analog Stick Spacers- adjust the heights of the analog sticks
  • Analog Cap Packs- alters the surface / tips of the analog sticks
It won’t be long before these packs will be readily available to the public as Mad Catz is offering preorders for each of the part packs at their official website. If you have ever wanted to truly tailor your controllers look and feel to your own preferences, there is no better way than with this line.

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