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So it looks like Hawken has gone from "the best-looking mech game you've never heard of" to the kind of game that makes people besides mech-fetishists sit up and take notice.  In the first 24 hours of availability, 100,000 people signed up for the Hawken beta (which, if you haven't yet, you can right now at playhawken.com).

Some other numbers showing the buzz Hawken has begun to generate include 1.9 million views of one trailer on YouTube, 1,400 Twitter followers, and 4,000 Facebook fans.

Hawken is developed by Adhesive Games and will be published by Meteor Entertainment.  The free-to-play title comes out on 12/12/12.

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HAWKEN Registers 100K Players in 24 hours -- You Are Free to Fight on 12/12/12

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- You are free to fight as Adhesive Games announces that HAWKEN, their highly anticipated mech shooter, will launch on 12/12/12 as a Free to Play (F2P) online gaming experience and registers over 100,000 users for their closed beta test in the first 24 hours. The game will be published by Meteor Entertainment.

HAWKEN is a visually stunning, multiplayer mech combat First-Person-Shooter (FPS). The game takes place on a post-apocalyptic human-colonized planet that has been industrialized to the point of collapse. In this crumbling, dangerous world, the hunt for vital resources has become a brutal battle for survival.

Gameplay focuses on intense battle experiences that capture the feel of piloting a mech while keeping the action fast-paced and strategic.

A variety of mech types, game modes and world maps are set for initial release, with downloadable expansive content available post release. Adhesive has licensed Epic Games' award-winning Unreal Engine 3 (UE3) to power HAWKEN for the PC.

"HAWKEN is a passion project for myself and the whole Adhesive team; giving it away for free is icing on the cake," says Khang Le, the visionary Co-Founder, CEO and Creative Director of Adhesive Games.

HAWKEN is already generating major online buzz, with anticipation and positive feedback blowing up on forums and gaming sites after only a few select videos of gameplay were released since last year. A gameplay trailer has attracted over 1.9 million YouTube viewers, along with 1,400 Twitter followers, 4,000 Facebook fans and an active forum community.

Gamers can register now for the closed beta release of HAWKEN at playhawken.com

Adhesive Games is an independent development studio located in Alhambra, CA. Co-Founder, CEO, and Creative Director Khang Le, has led his tight development team over the past 18 months of production, resulting in a game with stunning visuals and groundbreaking gameplay.

Meteor Entertainment is the newly formed video game publisher assembled by Adhesive to support HAWKEN. Meteor is building out a top tier roster of talent to successfully publish this F2P game globally, setting the standard for customer service and community engagement.  
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