Lords of Shadow is upon us

by: Jeremy -
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According to Konami, via Made 2 Game, Gabriel Belmont will be making his appearance on the PlayStation 3 as soon as this week as a special early demo for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow will be released to PlayStation Plus members. Thus far, the demo has been officially announced for European players, but it is likely to make its way to other regions shortly.

The full version of the game is scheduled to be released on both the PlayStation3 and the Xbox 360 on October 5, 2010. Lords of Shadow serves as a reboot for the franchise as Konami has brought in Hideo Kojima to oversee the project and ensure the quality of the final product. The early previews across the net have been extremely positive and it looks as though the Castlevania series could possibly be returning to form on the home consoles... 

Konami has also released a new batch of screenshots for the game following the 2010 Tokyo Game Show.

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