Looking at the art hanging on the walls inside video games

by: Randy -
More On: Final Fantasy

This is an interesting Tumblr. I flipped through the images for several minutes before actually figuring out what I was looking at. The Video Game Art Archive isn't a collection of pixelated video game art. It's a collection of pixelated art appearing inside video games. As in, this is the stuff that hangs on the walls and sits on the bookshelves in video games themselves. Art within art? I'll leave those arguments to the experts. For now, it's worth a couple minutes to examine the worlds within worlds that game characters inhabit.

Pictured below are in-game pieces of art from Fright Night, Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle & FriendsFinal Fantasy VI, Harvest MoonTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II, and Ys II Chronicles.

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