Look at the heaving, sexy, muscled, official website for Dragon's Crown

by: Randy -
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Dragon's Crown launched its official--and rather slow-loading--website, with a few months to go for the game's North American release on August 6. Dragon's Crown, spiritual successor to Princess Crown, is a 2-D fantasy action role-playing game exclusive to the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita.

But ignore that exclusivity. Even if you own nothing but an Xbox, or strictly affiliate with the PC "master race," or ignore any game that isn't Facebook spam, go to Dragon's Crown's official site and look over the artwork. Art Director George Kamitani absolutely, positively, has no peer in the industry.

His character designs are masterful. The Fighter is a bullwark of steel and sinewy pectorals. The Amazon is a back-bending display of thigh muscle and Celtic-knotted tattoos. The Wizard's white hair and angular robes cut a sharp silhouette. The Elf rocks a honeybee waist and a bow as big as the moon. The Dwarf is a storm cloud of beard and built like a brick house. Finally, the Sorceress--whose mammoth breasts ignited some playground bickering between gaming site Kotaku and George Kamitani himself--is bewitching in all the right (admittedly somewhat NSFW) ways.

Each character is a fantasy caricature, and their body types tap into the primal machinations of my id. I'm personally offended by how much I love their jaw-dropping outlines. I feel like I should know better. Like there's something wrong with me as a person for appreciating the hyper-masculinity, the hyper-femininity. And yet...

Some video games have successfully crossed the Uncanny Valley and reside safe on the other side. But other games, like Dragon's Crown, are more a celebration of concept art and brush strokes than mo-capped realism and green rooms. I can't help but applaud Dragon's Crown's successful capture of a confident, articulate, heavy-breathing, moving painting.

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