Learn how to use Witch time in Bayonetta

by: Chuck -
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We've all see various forms of bullet-time over the years and it looks like Bayonetta is going to be having their own version called "Witch Time" which allows you to slow time, kill enemies, and reflect their shots back at them.  If you want proof check out this video of how the system works. 

While this part of the game seems a bit cliche it's worth noting that the rest of the game is two gallons of fun packed into a one gallon bag.  I had the chance to play the demo and while I didn't necessarily understand exactly what was going on in the game I had a blast playing it.  There's a lot more to the game than the tawdry T&A aspect that Sega seems to be pushing as the game play is tight and visceral.  The graphics are fantastic as well but you can see that from the screenshots and videos.  I'm hoping Bayonetta doesn't get lost in the huge push of games next year as I think it's something that a lot of people will be enjoying.
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