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Every RPG starts with a similar question: what class should you play?  Each class is typically suited for a different playstyle, but which one is for you?  In the case of Dungeonland, Paradox Interactive has released three videos that describe each of the three classes, each video narrated by the characters themselves as each one tells you why they're the best character for the job.

In these videos, you'll learn how Mages work better when they're supporting their teammates with elemental magic, Rogues favor offense with skills like Backstab and the Gunner class, and Warriors favor control and defense.  Okay, so it's similar to a lot of other RPGs, but the videos are pretty entertaining nonetheless.

Also, the Grimoire DLC pack, initially only available to early adopters of Dungeonland, is now available to everyone for $2.99.  The pack includes new spells as well as new traits and possession abilities.
​Paradox Shows Dungeonland Has Class
In-game Characters Share Survival Tips in Class Guide Videos, Grimoire Pack DLC Now Available
NEW YORK — March 4, 2013 — Paradox Interactive, a publisher of games and advocate of cross-class skills, today provided helpful survival tips for visitors to Dungeonland, the new action-RPG hack ’n’ slash developed by Critical Studio. The game’s Rogue, Warrior, and Mage have each helpfully narrated a gameplay video that explains why they believe they are best equipped to visit the Dungeon Maestro’s treacherous theme park, explaining their special abilities and roles on the team. Paradox has elected to share the videos as-is, despite the Maestro’s suggestion of explaining how he intends to murder them regardless.
Previously available only to early adopters of Dungeonland, the Grimoire Pack DLC has been released for those who love dispatching heroes in Dungeon Maestro mode. Players can choose from five new spells, including the ability to summon walls of both fire or monsters around unsuspecting do-gooders, as well as access to new traits and possession abilities. The Grimoire Pack DLC is available for $2.99.
Dungeonland is a cooperative action game that puts three players inside the world’s first adventurer’s theme park, slaughtering monstrous staff and collecting loot from the colorful attractions. Behind the scenes, however, the Dungeon Maestro – also playable by a fourth player – will stop at nothing to see his visitors killed by gruesome traps and fiendish creatures.
Critical Studio has worked tirelessly in the dangerous gears and crawlspaces underneath Dungeonland, updating the game on a regular basis with fixes, game balance tweaks, and a fresh supply of combustible sheep.
Among the recent changes to Dungeonland:
                The game is now available in Simplified Chinese
                Dungeon Maestro now taunts you out loud when he wins DM Mode, instead of just looking smug
                Improved performance of AI code and various memory consumption issues
                Bug fixes for various challenges, including Cursed Grounds and Spawn-o-rama
                Bug fixes and optimizations for The Log Simulator Ride
                Various balance tweaks for Rogue Archer, Mage Electric, and Warrior attacks
                Beer Tower is still hazardous to your health        
To read more about Dungeonland, visit www.dungeonlandgame.com
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