League of Legends screenshots of Neutral Minions

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Warcraft has essentially epitomized western animation, whose wealth of influence can be felt in Riot Games' upcoming PC game League of Legends: Clash of Fates.  (For the times when one generic title just isn't enough, introduce an equally nondescript subtitle!)  These nine screenshots -- which, don't get me wrong, look good if not safe -- introduce the "neutral minions":  the wraith, stone golem, and dragon.

The Rune Wars desecrated the land known as Summoner's Rift, corrupting the area with Nexus power and augmenting the growth of its many natural inhabitants. These creatures have become so thoroughly infused with Nexus magic that it is impossible for even Summoners to control them. Instead, they have become an additional danger that Champions must overcome while they compete in the Fields of Justice, and their demise often grants the victor additional powers and wealth. However, many of the beasts have existed there for centuries, and only the foolish would dare challenge them without knowing full well the danger that they pose. 

Fleshier descriptions of the wraith, stone golem, and dragon after the jump.


The dead still plague the aftermath of the Summoner's Rift, and those who chose to linger here have turned to ghastly Wraiths. These flying Undead attack any who happen to pass by, haunting their victims with visions of the death and destruction that took place here.

Stone Golem

Imbued by the power of the Nexus, the planet itself rises up to bring forth a protector of its lands. The Stone Golems roam the forests of Summoner's Rift, imbued with the strength of the Nexus and acting against any who disturb the peaceful wake of this isolated battleground.


The scent of chaos fuels the flames in the heart of the Dragon.  Drawn to this war-torn land, the mightiest of beasts has settled deep within the Summoner's Rift, awaiting the next great war. To those who wake this slumbering ancient, beware: for his sharp teeth and suffocating breath have been tempered by the bravest of Champions, and yet it is he that still thrives in the depths of the Rift.

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