Launch trailer for the Secret World is full of all kinds of awesome

by: Chuck -
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Funcom has released the launch trailer for The Secret World and it's full of all kind of monsters, weirdness, and intrigue.  I became a bit enamored with the game when I saw it at GDC earlier this year and it looks like the team at Funcom have delivered a new MMOM that strays far from the traditional fantasy and sci-fi tropes that MMO fans have been stuck with for ages.

If you want more information on the game be sure to check out the interview we did with Ragnar Tornquist last year where he details what you can expect from the game and it includes my favorite MMO quote of all time:

"An MMO isn’t really an MMO until it’s launched, until it’s used and abused and changed forever by the living, breathing players."

That time has finally come and it will be interesting to see how people "use and abuse" the new game and make it their own.
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