Launch of new GOG site overloads servers

by: Chad -
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Have you tried to get onto today since the new version of the site went live?  I imagine it was difficult due to long load times or server time-outs.  GOG has seen so much interest in its service (or users going back to re-download their games "just in case") that it caused server problems.  

As of right now, all things seem to be up and working at full capacity.  That's good, too, because I imagine many are going to want to pick up Baldur's Gate (plus expansion) for $9.99.  This classic from Bioware holds a special place in the heart of many an RPG fan.  Click over to the website to see all of the new features that include user recommendations, easier sorting through the game catalogue, and more.

Now, they just need to put up that sale that was supposed to last all weekend last week.  It was cut short before I could purchase Second Sight
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