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EA sends word that the Wii and PS3 versions of The Godfather has gone gold and will be in stores next week.  That's right, next week you'll be able to beat the crap out of mafia goons with your Wii remote and do interesting thing with your SIXAXIS controller.  What specifically?  Well hit the official website for the details.

The Godfather The Don’s Edition takes full advantage of the SIXAXIS™ controller for PLAYSTATION 3; manhandle your controller to manhandle your opponent.  For improved, hyper-intuitive Blackhand Control in The Godfather Blackhand Edition, use gestures with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to really beat down your opposition, or point directly at the screen using the Wii Remote for pinpoint firearm accuracy.


Also new to these games are brand new ways to go from Soldier to Don as you gain control of the streets of New York.  Follow the path of an Enforcer or Operator; each with its own unique perks and abilities to earn.  Now you can chat up specific characters to get the skinny on dirty cops, take down two additional revised compounds of rival Families, execute five new contract hits, and call in larger Corleone Hit Squads when the going gets tough.  With The Godfather The Don’s Edition also having the new Shipyard and Rail yard transportation hubs to explore and exploit; your path to the head of La Cosa Nostra is wrought with all new perils and excitement.


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