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Shrapnel Games let us know that Land of Legends is now available for pre-order. Land of Legends is a turn-based fantasy strategy game (I’m getting all tingly) designed such that each scenario is playable in under an hour. This looks perfect for those of us with fragmented gaming schedules. It should be available in July.
The Lands Are Calling To All Heroes!
Land of Legends Now Available For Pre-Order!

Cary, NC, 18 April 2005

It is a time of turmoil. Bitter strife divides the lands while a growing shadow darkens the
realm. Will the divided forces of good unite in time, or will they end their days enslaved
to a cruel master? And so the call goes out, free riders scattering across the threatened
lands in the hope of raising a mighty army that will live free or die trying. Will you fly
their banner?

Shrapnel Games would like to announce to all would-be heroes that Tiny Hero Game
Studios turn-based fantasy-strategy game, Land of Legends, is now available for pre-
order through the Shrapnel Games e-storefront, the Gamers Front
( From now until May 31st you can pre-order it for $29.95, five
dollars off of what will be its regular retail price of $34.95.

Land of Legends is a fantasy-strategy game with a twist; it's a mini-epic. Mini-epic?
Well, like your epic fantasy sagas players will have a wide range of forces to command.
Eight unique playable races to be exact, with each unit type boasting a mix of special
abilities to be mastered. The main campaign consists of thirty-two scenarios, and there is
a quick skirmish generator to keep the action flowing long after the campaign is finished.
And let's not forget the storyline with the traditional few good guys (who always seem to
have a tendency to complain about not wanting to be the land's saviors, no matter how
many bad guys they smite and damsels in distress they rescue) versus the seemingly
unstoppable great big Evil.

Where the "mini" part of mini-epic comes in is the fact that the majority of scenarios
within Land of Legends only take around thirty minutes to game, and none more than a
hour. A perfect game for the lunch hour, strategy gamers who are feeling the crunch of
the clock will be able to drive their enemies before them and hear the lamentation of their
women before the boss even comes back from his three-martini lunch.

Fast playing of course does not mean shallow. Strategy gamers will be impressed by the
rich, multi-layer strategic possibilities presented in Land of Legends. An easy to use
interface makes playing the game a snap, yet mastering the game is a bit more of a
challenge. The intricate tactics really shine when playing against another human.

Playing against gray matter over circuitry is always the best way to go, but with most
strategy games trying to continue to hook up to complete a game session that may last
weeks becomes an exercise in frustration, with one side usually just throwing in the towel
for lack of free time. Since Land of Legends is playable in as much time as it takes to get
your oil changed finishing player versus player games is never an issue. And best of all
finding another player for those lunch break duels is made easy thanks to the integrated
matchmaking client.

To learn more about Land of Legends, slated for a July release and playable on the
Windows operating system, please visit, and remember, you can
pre-order through May 31st for $29.95.

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