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Were I a person to use the word "delightful," I'd use it here. This narrated overview of LEGO Minifigures Online focuses on the massively multiplayer game's pirate world, as well as gameplay aspects common to MMOs and others that are completely unique to LEGO Minifigures Online. There's sand and palm trees, scallywags and monkeys, ships and caverns, lava and rope bridges. Minifigures abound, and there's no singular theme binding them together. It all looks like Second Life for blockheads.


Oslo, Norway – December 18th, 2013 – What is 'LEGO® Minifigures Online' all about? Now is your chance to find out! Funcom announced today the launch of the 'LEGO Minifigures Online' website. With this launch, fans can learn more about the game without needing access to the beta testing. A new video has also launched in conjunction with the new site.

The new 'This is LEGO Minifigures Online' video offers a narrated tour of some of the exciting things fans will be able to do and places they can visit when the game launches next year. The video also showcases brand new, never-before-seen content such as the Pirate World, the Treasure Island dungeon and the terrifying Crikey the Kraken!

"We have an amazing cast of characters and worlds in 'LEGO Minifigures Online', and the new video and website are a great opportunity for everyone to discover that," says Executive Producer Lawrence Poe. "This is a game with tremendous amount of variety and there is just so much to see and experience here. Our goal is to combine accessibility with depth to make sure we make a LEGO Minifigures game that can appeal to kids of all ages."

Visitors to the website can go even more in-depth and get a detailed look at the specific minifigures, and learn more about their abilities and their personalities. 'LEGO Minifigures Online' is set to release with almost one hundred different minifigures, and the website will reveal more details in the coming months!

'LEGO Minifigures Online' is based on the hugely popular LEGO Minifigures collection. The minifigures are the charming characters that inhabit LEGO creations , whether it's on a childhood bedroom floor or inside a virtual world, and over 340 million of them were sold in 2012 alone. In Funcom's upcoming online game, the player must collect these minifigures, discover their unique abilities and bring them out on grand adventures through wonderful worlds of bricks and pixels together with thousands of other players from all over the world.

Those interested in joining the Closed Beta for 'LEGO Minifigures Online' can register a user account on the official website. More testers will be invited to join throughout development.

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