Kojima says he's got two choices for his next game and Metal Gear Solid 5 is one of them

by: John -
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With Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker out of the way, one wonders what's next for good ole Hideo Kojima. I know a lot of folks will clamor for a Metal Gear Solid 5 and yes, he said that that's one of his choices. The other choice he thought about would be something original but one IP that he did mention without being asked about was Zone of Enders, which should make Cyril happy.

Part of me wishes he ended Metal Gear Solid 4 a little differently and we'd just move on from the series. I mean, that "first" ending in the cemetery was the perfect way for me to see Snake's last mission. Alas, we got that continuation with Big Boss which sort of took the steam out for me. But, if we do see a Metal Gear Solid 5, would it be with old man Snake or robotic Raiden?

I know Cyril will vote for a new ZOE over another Metal Gear so which would you like to see from Hideo?
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