Kickstarter project continues after completion

by: Mike -
More On: Magrunner: Dark Pulse
3AM Games and Gamesplanet Lab have announced Magrunner- Dark Pulse, a first-person action/puzzle game set in the mythical world of H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulu, the tentacled mostrosity who lives deep beneath the ocean.

The cyberpunk aesthetic and horror background of Dark Pulse only scratch the surface of why the game could be the next great indie hit. This kickstarter projoct is open for funding from July 4 until August 18. The twist on this kickstarter project? The game is already funded, but Gamesplanet Lab is allowing extra money for modes like PvP and coop.

Drawing cues from their previous project "The Adventures of Sherlocke Holmes," 3AM Games is aiming to once again mix action with puzzle platforming, reminding Portal fans of Chell's harrowing adventures.

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