Kevin Butler – VP of......Treason?

by: Dan -
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I think that most of us loved those Sony PS3 ads that have Kevin Butler (aka actor Jerry Lambert) playing a Sony employee that has about a zillion different titles, such as VP of Fanboy Relations or First Person Sensei.  However, Jerry seems to have switched sides via a contract with another sponsor, Bridgestone Tires.  Anyone watching TV ads this last weekend may have noticed Bridgestone continuing their series of humorous ads about the control their tires offer.  In the latest, they are using Mario Kart and the Wii as part of their ad with a group of players loving the control.  When they start talking about the race, the last guy in line pops out and it is none other than Jerry Lambert, Mr. Kevin Butler himself.

What I find most interesting is that pretty much any copy of this Bridgestone ad on YouTube or gaming websites has been taken down or locked as private.  Also, the KevinButlerVP YouTube account has been locked down as private as well.  Looks like Sony, Bridgestone, Lambert himself or Nintendo may have decided to put the clamps on the gaming community talking about it.  It will be interesting to see if Sony has Lambert back in the role as the new PlayStation models roll out in the next year or so.

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