Just how beautiful is Okamiden?

by: Jeremy -
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You tell me... check out some of the official screens and art below.

Okamiden is the DS sequel to the PS2 / Wii smash hit Okami. Much like Ghost Trick, I have a full hands on preview in the pipeline (soon, I promise) covering an early demo of the game. Much like the original title, Okamiden utilizes a gorgeous “brushed” art style that is prevalent both within the game and on its promotional materials.

Capcom was nice enough to provide us with not only a couple of official screenshots of the game, but some very large resolution images of the art from the title. I have scaled down the art to a reasonable size for sharing due to file size as the originals were something like 6000 X 3500... which is insane and likely get printed for a wall hanging in my office. Here you go:

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