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Meridian4 has released a demo for their post-nuclear PC game Wasteland Angel. The demo lets you test drive three tutorial levels, a complete level, and even a boss battle to shake things up. Current owners of the game can also enjoy updated features that include configurable keys and dual monitor support. Also included is the "Crane of Destruction," which we can only speculate aids in causing more havoc during gameplay.

The Wasteland Angel demo and full game for purchase are both now available on Steam. The title can also be found on all other major digital game platforms.

Released at the start of Labor Day weekend, Wasteland Angel wasn’t fighting traffic, but still unleashed a healthy dose of road rage. But for those who didn’t yet get in on the old-school arcade style action, a new demo is being released today to let gamers try before they buy.

The demo puts you smack-dab in the middle of the fight - you must protect the citizens of Highwall, one of the last remaining havens for survivors of WWIII from the hillbilly mutant freaks trying to enslave them. Fight off spiked tractors, Gatling gun toting pickup trucks and armored school buses looking to kill or capture innocent town folk.

  • 3 Tutorial Levels;
  • Stage 5 – Mutant Area, featuring 4 levels including a boss and bonus challenge.
For those that have been playing, a welcome new set of features and improvements have been released to make the game even better!

  • Configurable keys;
  • Dual monitor support. The game will start on primary display instead of first display;
  • Game saves now available at completion of each level;
  • Fine tuned secondary objectives;
  • Crane of Destruction is now ready to destroy!
About Wasteland Angel:
In a post World War III world, you certainly are better off dead. Survivors are living in constant fear of being murdered or enslaved by blood-thirsty gangs, renegade military units and monstrous mutants. In the midst of this chaos roams our heroine, the Wasteland Angel, who cruises the deserts in her turbo-charged vehicle, traveling from town to town to eliminate those that victimize the weak. From a top-down isometric view, players pilot the Wasteland Angel’s overpowered vehicle as its dual machine guns cut a swath across the terrain.

Wasteland Angel for PC is currently available via digital download on Steam and other channels, with additional downloadable content available soon. For more information on Wasteland Angel, please visit www.wastelandangel.com.
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