John Carmack leaves iD Software

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And the last original member is now gone. John Carmack has officially resigned from iD Software and is now focusing 100% on the Oculus Rift. When John first took up the position with Oculus, Bethesda said he was still going to be with iD Software as well. Well, things didn't work out as planned and now John is no longer at iD.

iD has such a rich history and such a wonderful place in the world of PC gaming. iD hasn't turned out the greatest of games since Quake III, but their tech has powered many others. Throughout the years, many of the founders have left to pursue other adventures leaving Carmack to be the last one left. Now, he's gone.

Those waiting on the consumer version of the Oculus Rift should be pretty excited though knowing that one of the great minds of PC gaming is working to make the Oculus Rift the best it can be. Who would have thought such a small visit from Carmack would turn out to be such a huge deal.

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