It's Re-Thinking: Dreamcast Collection Games List Revealed

by: Peter Skeritt -
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After nearly two months of suspense, the list of games included in the upcoming Dreamcast Collection has been unveiled-- and that deja vu you're feeling might not be the kind you were hoping for. It's been flying under the radar since being leaked back in November of last year, but VG247 has revealed the list of games that will be on the upcoming Dreamcast Collection, which is now due to hit stores for the Xbox 360 and PC platforms in late February. 

Here is the list:
  • Sonic Adventure
  • Crazy Taxi
  • SEGA Bass Fishing
  • Space Channel 5: Part 2
The list is certainly underwhelming when you consider that two of the four games are already available for download on Xbox LIVE Arcade. Sonic Adventure was a decent port, but results were considerably worse for Crazy Taxi as the downloadable version suffered from pop-up visuals and a soundtrack that took a big turn for the worse from the original game. After the surprising success of Sonic's Ultimate SEGA Genesis Collection back in 2009, it seemed fair to expect some surprises in this new collection... but there are none. 

The game is slated to land at retail in North America on February 22nd, and then in other territories shortly thereafter. 
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