It’s official: WWE 2K14 coming this Fall

by: Jeremy -
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It was widely known that the WWE brand was headed to 2K after the complete disbursal of all of THQ’s assets a few weeks back, but now it has been written in stone. 2K and the WWE have announced that the two entities have entered into a multi-year licensing deal that will place Yuke’s beloved series under the 2K banner.

The game will continue to be developed by Yuke’s in Japan and 2K will ensure that the titles receive the same polish and authenticity that all of its sport franchises are known for. The first entry in the new partnership has been announced as coming this Fall for multiple platforms in the form of WWE 2K14. Hopefully more on this new chapter of the series will be shown at E3 in just a few short months. As a longtime fan of the series, I have some seriously high hopes for its future... I have all oft he faith in the world in 2K and think they will do right by the series.

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