It just Gets Better... GOG Adds Stronghold, Waxworks to Line Up

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Good Old Games continues to build on its catalog of classic games with two new titles, Stronghold and Waxworks. Both titles have been updated for compatibility with Windows XP and Vista and are blessedly DRM free.

Stronghold is a real time strategy title from Fire Fly studios set in eleventh century Europe. The military campaigns offer up historic castles to siege. Alternatively you can try you hand at building your own fortifications and see how they stand up to the competition. The economic campaigns will have gamers juggling economical challenges and court intrigue. For those who prefer the Castle Sim features, you can also build your dream castle without threat of invasion.

Waxworks is an Adventure Soft RPG for mature gamers. Players will find themselves sucked into a horrific mystery spanning from ancient Egypt to 19th century London. You'll explore a creepy cemetery, an abandoned mine shaft and the demon infested Waxworks as you unravel the mystery of the family curse. You must summon your courage to save your long lost brother before he unleashes an ancient evil on Victorian London. Only adventurers 18 or above need apply for this mission.

The price is right with both titles ringing in at $5.99. To get the latest news scoop on games in Good Old Games' line up visit the website.
Good Old Games is a digital distribution service from Polish developer and publisher CD Projekt. specializes is classic PC titles that have been updated for modern PCs and are guaranteed to be DRM free. Other games added to the line up this month include Robinson's Requiem Collection and Pure Pinball 2.0 Redux. Gamers can search the ever expanding catalog at
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