Inafune-san reveals his master plans

by: Jeremy -
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Following a nasty break up with Capcom just a few short months back, Keiji Inafune has finally resurfaced and revealed his plans for the future.

Andriasang has reported that Infafune-san recently launched blog entitled “It’s Keiji Inafune!”, the man who made Mega Man a household name states that he is far from done with the world of gaming. This time around, Inafune wants to do it all: console games, mobile games, online and social games, even movies and manga. The man sees no limit in what he feels he can accomplish without the limitations he felt Capcom had placed on him.

It will be interesting to see what comes from him in the future. Could this be the start of a new, powerhouse gaming company? Only time will tell, but I have surely bookmarked his blog to keep my eye on whatever he comes up with...

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