In Vegas on 1/7? Maybe you can meet the Duke

by: Dan -
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Yup, Gearbox software is hosting a Duke Nukem Forever party for folks that are in the Las Vegas area on Monday Feb 7th. A couple of “catches” though, You have to be 21 and have to submit a 100 word essay on why you should be selected to attend.  I am guessing that if you put anything about chewing gum, kicking ass and being out of gum, it would be safe to say you wont be going.   Anyways, if you are interested in trying to get in (I have been to these before and they are usually a blast), then head to the site to enter and keep your fingers crossed.  Hurry though, they are only taking submissions through tomorrow (Feb 4th.)

GamingNexus is planning on having someone on staff at the event, so if you don’t get selected, we should have a hands-on of the game and event sometime next week.

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