If the Zune died, but then rises…is it a Zombie Zune?

by: Dan -
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Yesterday, there was a site added to the Zune Support website stating that all Zune Hardware was officially being discontinued effective immediately and that Microsoft would be focusing solely on Windows Mobile 7.5 and phones. It appears that Microsoft had a major brain fart, someone jumped the gun or it was placed their in “error”. Apparently, the official verdict is door number three, as the @ZuneSupport twitter account posted that the site was added in error. I personally thing someone jumped the gun, and they decided to pull it after realizing that Apple was announcing their latest iPhone and iPod touch devices on that day and the press would have a field day with the Zune getting the axe on the same day.

Personally, having spent the last three years in retail with the Zune as one of the products, it is time for the Zune to go. I have heard all the arguments from my limited number of friends that have one, but it simply doesn’t have the legs to keep up with the Apple and Droid products that made it irrelevant. So Microsoft, you were probably better off letting it die on October 4th while Apple was getting flogged for a tepid product announcement instead of prolonging the death to a date when it can have the headlines all to itself.

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