I am the man of a thousand faces! Could you spare some Noxzema?

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Have you ever wondered which historical Roman commander you are most like? Paradox Interactive wants to know if you're the next Caesar and if you have 50 gold (see above post). This QUIZ just so happens to be available coincidentally a day ahead of the release of Europa Universallis: Rome. Please note that this quiz is not meant as a guide in developing future careers. Good thing too cause the ones I took in high school told me my morals and political leanings lined up with Bill Clinton's. I did not have sexual relations with that NES cartridge. I was just blowing on it to get it to work.

Which historical ruler are you?

Think the attributes of the great historical leaders in the Roman era could
not be applicable today? Then think again! Take our "Which historical ruler
are you?" quiz and find out if you share personal traits with the likes of
Hannibal and Marcus Antonius or if there is a Caesar lurking inside of you!


Europa Universalis: Rome is scheduled to ship tomorrow in North America and
on Friday in Europe.

To find out more about EU: Rome please go to
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