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Humble Bundle has revealed a new, permanent addition to their website, the Humble Store. The company that brought us amazing two week, pay-what-you-want pricing for game bundles (most recently the WB bundle which offers a slew of awesome games) has opened fixed-price store on their website that carries more games than a Humble Bundle could offer. What's the difference between this and buying at a retail store? Well, Humble Bundle will donate ten percent of the proceeds on sales to one of a number of select charities. The site will feature new game additions every day and already includes Don't Starve, Prison Architect, Rogue Legacy, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Natural Selection II, The Swapper, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, Orcs Must Die! 2, and Gunpoint.

See the complete list of charities here and check out the reveal video below: 



Pay-What-You-Want Plus Charity Digital Distributor Opens New Fixed-Price Store While Continuing to Support Charity

San Francisco, CA -- November 11, 2013 -- Humble Bundle, best known for its two week, pay-what-you-want video game bundles, launched the Humble Store today. The Humble Store starts with a selection of our favorite games with new titles arriving daily. Ten percent of Humble Store proceeds go to select charities including the American Red Cross, Child’s Play, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

The Humble Store is a permanent addition to the website that will have many more games than could ever fit in a Humble Bundle. That means more opportunities for Humble customers to find great games at great prices while supporting charity.

“I am extremely excited by the Humble Store because I think it expands Humble Bundle's ability to be useful to game developers and gamers while supporting great causes,” said John Graham, Co-Founder and COO of Humble Bundle.

"We're proud to have Don't Starve in the new Humble Store Debut Sale," said Jamie Cheng, founder of Klei Entertainment Inc. "Humble has consistently been a terrific partner to work with."

The Humble Store Debut Sale launches today with the store featuring nine discounted games: Don’t Starve, Prison Architect, Rogue Legacy, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Natural Selection II, The Swapper, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, Orcs Must Die! 2, and Gunpoint. The store will feature newly added games every day as we build the store throughout the Debut Sale.

Check out the video here:

See the complete list of games and charities at

About Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is a digital distribution platform that is known for bundling awesome cross-platform games, movies, music and books and putting the power directly in the hands of the consumers, offering them fully-featured titles at prices they set themselves. Consumers pay what they want, and decide how to allocate their money between developers, charity, and a humble tip. Humble Bundle recently opened the digital doors to the Humble Store, which sells great games at great prices 24/7.

Founded in 2010 by former independent game developers John Graham and Jeffrey Rosen, Humble Bundle has since worked with hundreds of independent developers and major publishers and raised more than $28 million for charity. Humble Bundle is a modest team with a dream, supported by more than 3 million customers.

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