How big Sengoku Basara is in Japan?

by: Jeremy -
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I had mentioned before that Capcom’s upcoming Sengoku Basara, while relatively new to the US, was a HUGE franchise in Japan. This was one of the things that the dev(s) mentioned endlessly at the Captivate Media Conference back in April when the game was presented. In addition to the existing product endorsements which include drinks, rice, and parlor food... as well as a traveling musical show... we can now add red, delicious apples to the mix.

Capcom has officially teamed up with the City of Ueda in Nagano Prefecture in order to produce a special edition line apple juice, cider, and wine. Sengoku Basara is an extremely interesting premise, in my opinion, but I am not sure that it can have the same cultural effect in other parts of the world as it has in Japan. Though, if Capcom were to create an over the top action game with powered up versions of Abe Lincoln and George Washington... then we may be onto something...

Source: Capcom Unity 

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