How about a new Humble Bundle? Sounds (Double) Fine to me!

by: Jeremy -
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The title says it all: its time for a new Humble Bundle. The indie-based charity program has launched yet another offering that should make fans of fun incredibly happy. Say hello to the Humble Double Fine Bundle! It is as straight forward as usual: Pay what you want. Support charity. Get some great, cross platform, DRM free games.

The current offering includes the following titles: As usual, paying more than the average will net you an additional title, which happens to be Brutal Legend in this case. However, that isn’t all! The Humble Bundle is adopting the concept of Kickstarter stretch-goals in a way, offering additional bonuses for donations exceeding certain amounts. Donating more than $35 will net you everything mentioned above as well as full back access to the Kickstarter project Broken Age, formerly known as Double Fine Adventure. Donating $70 or more will get you that, plus everything mentioned above, and a free Double Fine t-shirt.

You know that there are going to be additional titles add as this particular campaign marches on. What do you think that those could include?
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