Home is where the Batcave is, as well as a little MotorStorm Mindfreak action

by: Dan -
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Nothing gets gamers blood going more than the announcement of new freebies. The good folks over at the Official Sony Playstation blog have posted a list of a whole bunch of new updates coming to Home over the next week or so. The crown jewel is a private Batcave space for anyone that purchases Batman: Arkham Asylum on the PS3. The game unlocks a special Batcave Outpost complete with Batmobile and Batwing.  No word on if you can take them out into the courtyard and cut down the idiots that seem to troll around the female avatars.

Also, a new event-space for MotorStorm: Pacific Rift will be launching that will be the starting point for the scheduled 6-10p PST events held every Monday. While this space is said to only be up for a limited time, I expect it to come back in the future at some point, as development dollars tend not to be wasted for a couple of weeks worth of game time. The blog did mention that new MotorStorm clothes are in the works too.

Lastly, the blog post outlined several updates occurring to core areas of Home such as Tunes, clothes and furniture appearing in the mail as well as new videos in the theater. these include the next Criss Angel: Mindfreak video with more chances t win. The other areas getting some updates include the EA Sports complex and the Burn Zombie Burn game space.

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