Hey Sony: is that a tablet in your pocket or are you... oh its 2 tablets

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In the midst of the news of the ongoing PlayStation Network outage, Sony unveiled two new products scheduled to make their debut this fall. It appears as if Sony isn’t going to stand by and watch the tablet market pass them by as they have prepared to offerings in that area, buth due later this year. The two models, dubbed the Sony Tablet S1 and the S2, are PlayStation certified tablets and appear to have access to the same software as the Xeria Play in the form of the PlayStation Suite (first generation PlayStation titles).

The S1 device contains a 9.4-inch touch screen as well the ability to communicate with other Sony devices via an built-in infared sensor.The S2 on the other hand is a dual screen, clam-shell device featuring two 5.5-inch screens and 1024x480 display. Only the bottom screen contains touch control features. Both models will run on the Android OS version 3.0 and feature Wifi and 3G / 4G access abilities. They also have both front and rear facing cameras built into their design(s).

The price points for both tablets has not been revealed though much more information is expected to be revealed at E3. In addition to the product images shown below, Sony has also released a video highlighting both products. Check it out:

Source: VG247

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