Heeeyyyyyyy sexy . . . turian?

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I've been a fan of the Mass Effect franchise way longer than I've written about videogames for the Internet.  In all those years of interacting with the franchise's fanbase, one of the strangest complaints I've heard crop up after the release of all three games is, "where are all the female aliens at?"

I'll admit that it was maybe a tad strange that there were no females anywhere that weren't human, quarian, or asari (Yes, I know asari technically aren't female but they have secondary sexual characteristics that are mostly identical to human females so lets stop playing games); however, I have always held the position that since we'd have no way to know what a female alien looks like for sure, then you could make the case that the game was littered with female aliens who, to our puny human eyes, look identical to their male counterparts.  

An even stronger argument is that the salarian representative on the Citadel council going all the way back to the original Mass Effect must be female because they dominate salarian politics.  That theory was mostly confirmed by the presence of an obviously female salarian councilor in Mass Effect 3.  Mass Effect 3 also gave us female krogans.

And now Mass Effect 3 is giving us female turians.  Two images from the upcoming Omega DLC popped up today that clearly show a female turian.  So I guess . . . how you 'doin?

The Omega DLC has no official release date yet; however, back in October series Producer Michael Gamble gave an interview that you can find on YouTube where he stated it would be out on November 27 and will cost $15.00/1200 Microsoft Points.  

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