Hawken migrating to Steam

by: Randy -
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The ferocious and beautiful first-person mech shooter, Hawken, is heading to Steam. There it will rub shoulders will other free-to-play titles like Dota 2 and Neverwinter, but will largely own the field as far as F2P mechanized combat is concerned.

From this point forward, you'll need a Steam account to play Hawken. Over the next seven days, in order to ease the transition, developer Adhesive Games is slowly feeding out Steam codes to current Hawken players. They can start playing immediately. New account creation, however, is suspended for everyone else until the full-on February 11 Steam launch.

You can read further details in this Steam transition guide, and in Hawken's Steam FAQ. Sounds like Adhesive Games is taking every necessary precaution to create a seamless switch. This move opens up Hawken to millions of players married to their Steam accounts that couldn't be bothered to operate off Adhesive's servers. (Guilty.)

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