Hawken gameplay teaser for March will rattle your nerves

by: Travis -
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Adhesive Games has released another nerve-shattering gameplay teaser for their upcoming free-to-play game, Hawken. From the stunning visuals to the explosive sound effects, this game continually impresses with each new video release. During my childhood years, I grew up with the classic MechWarrior series and haven't experienced anything since that has been comparable with gameplay. The highly-detailed cockpit interiors in Hawken have excited me since the game's original gameplay reveal. The various visual indicators in the HUD add another level of immersion for gamers operating the giant machines of death.

Hawken will be available on December 12 as a free-to-play multiplayer title. Before then, be sure to visit the newly redesigned Hawken website to sign-up for the beta and further game details and media.

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