Has BioWare's newest game been revealed?

by: Nathaniel -
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According to GamesRadar.com (via VGN365) something strange popped up in the debug section of the Xbox Live Marketplace today.

Called Project Zulu (with EA listed as publisher), it is apparently an episodic action adventure game (episode one is called Too Many Cooks: Spoil the Broth and episode two is called Contaminated Truth) that seems to revolve around fantasy role-playing in space.

Nothing else is really known about it, least of all, if it's actually real or some internet mass-fever dream.  Hopefully this is the first scent of something that will be announced at E3.

Let the wild mass guessing commence.  GR speculates (comically, I'm sure) that it's Dragon Age 3: In Space.

I be so in to that.
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