Harmonix doesn’t need a parent company, will now run itself

by: Jeremy -
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The sale of Harmonix is now complete and the company now belongs to... Harmonix.

Harmonix PR representative John Drake recently announced on the company’s forum  that the buyoyt process has been completed that that Harmonix has returned to being a privately owned studio thanks to funding from investment company Columbus Nova. Numerous large companies had expressed interest in purchasing the Rock Band developer from Viacom and MTV Networks when they announced its sale a short while back. Personally, I fully expected Microsoft to take the plunge and bring the studio in-house in order to grab hold of possible exclusivity of future Rock Band titles, but none of those interests ever panned out. Now, Harmonix is back to running itself and intends on continuing to support the Rock Band IP for as long as gamers will let them.

Congrats to the staff at Harmonix for the buyout and for finding a means of returning their selves to their roots. I expect many good things to come from them in the future as they continue to innovate the music-game genre with more titles like Rock Band and Dance Central.

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