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SkillJam has announced ist is holding the first ever million dollar "Skill Games World Championship". Unlike other gaming contests this one is not going to force you to kill your fellow man or wipe out entire alien civilizations as the contest is focused on SkillJam's line of casual games like Solitaire, Zuma, and Bejeweled 2. The championship is geared at the player who is best at the aforementioned games. More information on the contest can be found at www.skilljam.com
SkillJam Launches $1 Million Skill Games World Championshipâ„¢ To Find The Best Casual Gamer In The World

Skill-based games company challenges Solitaire, Zuma and Bejeweled 2 fans to compete for $2 million in total cash and prizes

FUN Technologies plc (“FUN”), a leading provider of skill games, fantasy sports and online sports information, announced today that its subsidiary, SkillJam Technologies Corporation (“SkillJam”), will hold the first ever million-dollar “Skill Games World Championship™”.

“We are pleased to offer this exciting, unprecedented tournament, which has been designed to determine the best casual gamer in the world,” said Paul Jensen, president of SkillJam, the world’s leading provider of skill games. “SkillJam recognizes that casual gamers are a driving force in the games community by introducing the largest tournament of its kind. Gamers will compete for cash and prizes totaling more than $2 million, simply by playing versions of their favorite skill-based games.”

Lorne Abony, chief executive officer of SkillJam’s parent company, FUN Technologies, added, “Skill-based gaming is experiencing hyper-growth, currently reaching an audience that is estimated to be over 100 million gamers worldwide. The Skill Games World Championship takes that excitement to a new level, with players getting a chance to walk away with the grand prize of $1 million.”

The Skill Games World Championship will crown the best all-around player of three of the most popular skill-based casual games ever created: “Solitaire”, “Zuma” and “Bejeweled 2”. These games make up the cornerstone of the casual gaming space. In fact, according to Popcap, its Bejeweled / Bejeweled 2 franchise alone has sold more than 5 million units, and has provided more than 1 billion hours of enjoyment to tens of millions of players since the original Bejeweled game debuted in 2001.

The tournament utilizes SkillJam’s proprietary tournament technology. Contestants can enter the Championship through one of approximately 400 qualifier tournaments provided on www.skilljam.com, www.skillgamesworldchampionship.com, or via SkillJam partner sites such as AOL Games, eBay, GSN, MSN Games and Real Networks. In order to advance to the Finals, a player only needs to win a single qualifying tournament in any of the three games. Finalists will be flown to Los Angeles in March 2006 to compete against each other in a live, potentially televised event. The player with the best combined performance will be crowned the Skill Games World Champion™, and awarded a $1 million cash prize.

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