Halo Waypoint, hub for all things Halo, to receive upgrade, new motion comic

by: Nathaniel -
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While perusing the internet today, I discovered this interesting tidbit over at Beefjack.com:

Tomorrow the community service known as Halo Waypoint will receive an update that will add new features to better serve the Halo players who use it.  Included are a bunch of new stat tracking options, along with the ability to browse through your service records to compare K/D rations and other stats with your friends.  Its performance will also receive tweaks to ensure it runs well enough for everyone who uses it (the handful of times I've been there, it has ran terribly).

Also coming to Halo Waypoint on April 23 is a new motion comic that follows the crew of the UNSC Red Horse as they investigate a derelict prison ship and face something worse than the Covenant (Like what, Activision?).  That should excite fans of the Halo mythology.

Now if they can only make it so Halo Waypoint doesn't show up as a game with zero achievement points acquired.  I know you can delete those (and I have) but it's pretty stupid nonetheless.  It's not even a game, so why does it show up in your history like that?

Wow, I got really whiny there for a second...sorry.
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