Half NBA teams use NBA Live to evaulate talent, perhaps Isiah Thomas was one of them

by: John -
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LA Times has a story saying how some teams use EA's NBA Live to evaluate NBA talent. All I have to say is .. WHAT? Has anyone on the teams play the game and see how terrible it does in simulating an actual game? I haven't played a good NBA Live game in a very long time but to use it as part as your professional job to evaluate and also gauge other teams seems a little.. I don't know, absurd to me. Now we have the reason Isiah Thomas screwed up the Knicks. He probably did all those trades on the game and was able to run up the score while playing on Rookie mode and thought, "Hey, it's so crazy it just might work." What's next? Marvin Lewis using Madden to simulate his upcoming games so he can tune up his coaching gaming plan?
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