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Well folks it's going to be an interesting week for the industry as the "Hot Coffee" insanity finally winds down. It's going to be hard to calculate the exact cost of what this kerfluffle is going to be both financially and from a main stream perception point.

From a financial point of view this is going to hurt Take-2 the most as they bear the brunt of recalling the copies of the game, fixing the code, sending out AO stickers to the retailers who are still selling the game, and eventually re-launching the game after the adult material is removed. This will also impact game retailers like EB/Gamestop as well as other companies like Target and Best Buy who also sell the games.

The biggest hit is going to be the perception of the industry in the main stream press. This just ends up as another black mark for the industry as the main stream press never seems to cover all of the cool things in the industry that are going on. They don't talk about the cool original games like Katamari Damacy, the excellent story telling in a game like Half Life 2, or how games help bring people together from around the world in a game like World of Warcraft. They'll just continue to focus on the negative and continue to lump us in the ultra-violent world of games like GTA without seeing everything else that games have to offer people.

The final thing is that this "success" is just going to embolden people like douchebag lawyer Jack Thompson who don't realize that most people who buy games are adults and that the majority of games on the market are rated T. Instead we're going to continue to have to deal with his ilk for a while longer and what's sad is that it's just a matter of time before some politican takes this up as a cause. Crap, that's already happened.
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