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  • Here's a session of Q&A with Scott Harsman from EverQuest II, the ninth in MMORPG.com's series of EQII interviews.
  • Watch the "Infantry Crawling" trailer for Theater of War.  But I'm personally holding out for Mystery Science Theater of War 3000.
  • Bring about the Fall of Rome when you check out these screenshots.
  • Or see Rome built up again in this new Caesar IV trailer.
  • Known as Shinseiki Genso: Spectral Souls II Unlimited Side (*huff huff*) in Japan, this port to the PSP is shortened to simply Spectral Souls for us lazy Americans.  Shortly, you can see the trailer here.
  • "Another piss-ant regime that needs to be toppled...."  Mira another impressive trailer for the double-oh siete stylings of Just Cause.
  • Suddenly feeling like a one man army against the entire Rakkai Empire?  Then you're obviously playing DevastationZone Troopers.  Grab the demo patch while you're at it, soldier, or the retail patch if you've already got the game.
  • These are a different kind of baseball card.  They're dealing out a demo of MLB.com Shuffle at 3D Downloads.
Thanks, as usual, to Atomic Gamer for the links.
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