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The folks at GoG are bringing the adventures of Tex Murphy to their service this week.  The classic adventure series features a post-apocalyptic private dick just trying to earn his keep.  The series is a bit of cross between the Maltese Falcon and Blade Runner with a touch of humor tossed in for good measure

The point and click series is being offered in two packages.  You can get the first two games (Mean Streets and Martian Memorandum) for $5.99 while the third game (Under a Killing Moon) will set you back $9.99.  It's nice to see GoG continuing to dig through the annals of PC gaming history and unearnthing a few gems that people may have completely forgotten about and making them available for modern platforms. 

As with all GoG titles the game is guaranteed to work with Vista and is completely DRM free.
The Film Noir Private Eye Returns to the Spotlight as the DRM-free Site Releases the Acclaimed Tex Murphy Series

Warsaw, Poland – June 16, 2009. GOG.com (http://www.gog.com), the internet's premier spot for DRM-free classic PC games and an unmatched digital distribution experience, has signed another deal to revive a new batch of classic adventure games. Thanks to the deal with Aaron Conners, one of the creators of the Tex Murphy games, GOG.com will offer the whole series including Mean Streets, Martian Memorandum, Under a Killing Moon, The Pandora Directive and Tex Murphy: Overseer. With the announcement GOG.com releases a bundle of 1989's Mean Streets and 1991's Martian Memorandum (http://www.gog.com/en/gamecard/tex_murphy_1_2) for the low price of $5.99 and the third part in the Tex Murphy saga – Under a Killing Moon (http://www.gog.com/en/gamecard/tex_murphy_under_a_killing_moon) – for $9.99, DRM-free and XP and Vista compatible.

Tex Murphy thinks of himself as a classic 1940’s-style detective: hard-boiled and cynical with an ex-wife, a few good friends, a lot of enemies, and a drinking problem – the problem being that he can’t afford the good stuff. Unfortunately for Tex, he was born 100 years too late: he’s living in mid-21st century, post-World War III San Francisco. There is plenty of work for a down-on-his-luck P.I. Now he just needs to figure out how to get paid for it.

“Tex Murphy's adventures are the essence of classic adventure games. Add to this an array of crazy and funny characters including Chris Jones as Tex Murphy, and you have an absolute classic,” said Adam Oldakowski, Managing Director of GOG.com. “It’s basically our duty to revive this incredible series for a new generation of gamers, as well as those who played these games back in the 90s.”

According to Aaron Conners, who wrote and co-designed the last three Tex Murphy games, “What people seem to love about Tex is that he’s just an average guy…sometimes a little below average. He’s always in the middle of something that’s way over his head, but as he says: ‘Danger’s like jello – there’s always room for more.’ Most of us can’t relate to being James Bond, but pretty much everyone can relate to Tex.”

Mean Streets + Martian Memorandum bundle and Under a Killing Moon are already available at GOG.com, with the rest of Tex Murphy's games planned to hit the catalogue in the coming weeks.

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