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NBA 2K8 boasted that they were the only basketball game with a full 5 on 5 feature when I was listening in on the conference call. Well, not so any longer as EA will be offering the same feature in NBA Live 08 as well with a free download come November. The computer will pick up any players that aren't controlled by humans. I'm glad that EA will be releasing this as an update rather than waiting for next year's version and I hope we see more of these little updates to improve on the games they produce.


Electronic Arts announced today that NBA LIVE 08 will be the third franchise in the EA SPORTS fall line-up to feature Online Team Play when a free download becomes available in late November. Now ALL ten players on the floor can be controlled by a human, which will remove the use of artificial intelligence altogether. Player movement, decision making and game outcome can now be completely dependant on how you play as an online team, representing the closest you can come to a real life game of basketball.

EA SPORTS is committed to providing an engaging online experience and has led the charge with innovative online gameplay for sports gamers. The all-new feature first shipped as a part of the disc on NHL 08 in September, allowing up to six users to connect from anywhere in the world. EA later announced that FIFA Soccer 08 would offer Be A Pro: Online Team Play as a free downloadable feature post-launch that will enable 10 people to connect and challenge each other online to play a single game.

Below are some key points for Online Team Play for NBA LIVE 08:

-          This game mode allows any combination of players from 1 vs. 1 up to 5 vs. 5.

-          The CPU will take control of any players not controlled by users.

-          Voice communication is available and isolated from the opposing team.

-          Player locking is available but not mandatory (unless the team consists of 5 users)

NBA LIVE 08 is available at retailers everywhere. The game’s official website is www.easports.com/nbalive08.com

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